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Abdomen and Hips Liposuction

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abdomen and
hips liposuction

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Guadalajara, Mexico has much lower prices than the U.S. and the very best top rated doctors.

Smooth, flatter abdomen and hips provide an enhanced profile that improves the overall appearance. Using small cannulas that are custom designed for abdomen and hips contouring, Guadalajara surgeons use advanced liposculpture techniques to achieve a natural and more youthful appearance in the abdomen and hips.

In addition to improving the abdomen, the procedure also helps restore balance to the overall appearance by providing a better defined abdomen and hips area that frames the rest of the body.

Guadalajara is a major destination for U.S. residents because of the low price and exceptional doctors. The Medical Association of Guadalajara is your primary source for plastic surgery. All procedures are done to strict U.S. standards in major hospitals by U.S. board certified doctors.